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Bright and creative adults, college students & adolescents will gain new insight into their special characteristics and how to work with them most effectively:

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is the formal diagnostic term. However, ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) is an earlier name that is still commonly used. 

Understand better “what makes you tick” so that you can make better informed choices

Learn about how ADHD affects the "executive functions" of the brain, which are central to our ability to think clearly, manage our attention, and regulate our emotions and choices.

See yourself within the larger context – about 3-5% of the population has ADHD, though most (especially adults) are not diagnosed

Learn to appreciate and optimize your strengths

Find your calm center

Develop effective strategies for working with your special challenges

Become more productive, effective and confident

People with ADHD may also benefit from my NeuroMovement services, which can boost the brain’s executive functions.


I offer private coaching and workshops to empower parents of children with ADHD.

Develop new perspectives, strategies and skills that will greatly improve life for your child with ADHD, your family and yourself.

You will become more empowered as a parent, and you'll learn how to model and facilitate corresponding growth in your child that will help him or her to thrive through the school years and beyond:

Learn more about the many different ways that ADHD affects your child

Identify your child's specific needs, so that you can support him/her to set and achieve realistic goals that build on strengths and creatively address challenges

Find ways to recognize and consciously manage your own reactivity as you help your child learn to do the same

Develop communication strategies that enable you and your child to increase collaboration while decreasing resistance and tension

Help your child to better understand and appreciate her/his unique characteristics, tendencies, gifts and needs, so that s/he can navigate in the world with greater confidence and success


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