I am passionate about helping my clients make “insightful transitions” by harnessing the power of their intuition, creativity and capacity for growth.  
Details about my background, experience and credentials appear in my bio (click here).

In brief, these are some of the qualities that set me apart:

A unique combination of skills and services

Assessing situations quickly and getting to the heart of things

Deep listening and observation; communicating with clarity and compassion

Helping my clients to experience and be their “best” selves, whether coaching verbally, through movement practices, or a combination of both

"Coaching from the core" -- helping my clients capitalize on their own core strength and resourcefulness

In-depth knowledge of multidisciplinary approaches for stress reduction

Broad multi-cultural experience through working in more than 20 countries worldwide

An approach that is enlightening and enjoyable, and incorporates humor

I have a wide range of interests that contribute to the work/life balance that I encourage in my clients. In addition to yoga, I regularly swim laps, dance, and practice aerial yoga and improv comedy. I also love to paint and work with collage. Just for fun, some examples of my artwork appear below:

(Please scroll down to see all the paintings. Click on image to view larger version)


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