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I am passionate about providing high quality service, and grateful for my ability to help a broad range of clients with a broad range of issues. Below are comments from some of my clients about how they have benefited.

There are examples of how we have combined some of my different services. It will be apparent why I refer to my services as "coaching for mind, body and spirit." I take a holistic approach -- coaching my clients to access their own internal resources is either explicit or implicit in all of our work together.

Executive / Leadership Coaching

"Faith is the most professionally well-rounded and focused of any coach I've worked with. The most valuable aspect of our coaching has been the ability to cover a range of topics, work-health-fitness. I hit my threshold target for annual income early, stopped smoking and started exercising more and enjoying it. Faith listens very carefully and points out old assumptions when she hears them. She is able to employ a number of different techniques (visualization, meditation) fluidly to fit the situation. She is persistent. Faith has a clear commitment to her clients and it shows."
-- President, Coaching & Consulting Business

"Executive coaching with Faith helped me to strengthen my leadership style and to lay the groundwork for new strategic initiatives. I have particularly gained from the idea of incorporating coaching approaches to help myself and others to draw upon internal guidance. Other helpful concepts for me were: powerful questioning; being open to big possibilities; paying more attention to my choice of words; and noticing stories (my own and others’ stories). Our coaching also helped me decide to volunteer to take the lead on developing an onboarding program for new Regional Administrators, and to identify goals and initial steps for this process."
-- Regional Administrator, U.S. Government

"My capacity to work with difficult people has grown and I am working much more fluidly with others in leadership positions. Faith is skilled and open hearted. She brings to her coaching: intuitive and deep listening; directness and clarity of thinking and speaking; a broad and deep professional and personal experience; compassion and empathy; and flexibility of approach and breadth of technique and modalities.”
    -- Director, Nonprofit

Faith helped me face many difficult situations, mostly related to personnel, as I transitioned into a new promotion. She really helped me prepare and handle the volatile personalities involved. My confidence in handling difficult discussions and in my leadership is much stronger. Faith let me set the agenda based on what I thought were the most pressing needs. She never focuses on weaknesses. Faith is very insightful. She seems to really understand a situation even though she doesn't know the people involved and has a knack for leading me through the ways to address it. She has a very calming, peaceful manner.”
    -- Vice President, Finance & IT

"One of Faith's big strengths is the diversity of her background -- law, international work, wide range of types of other coaching and lots of methods to help generate insights. She has a larger-than-typical range of resources and experience to draw on than the average executive coach. Faith was fun to work with and the coaching sessions were very effective.”
    -- Senior Manager, International Trade and Development

"Coaching with Faith was a great opportunity to work with a skilled third party, outside my daily professional life, who supported me to find different perspectives, questions and ideas. I really benefited from Faith's ability to help me clarify my own interests and goals, and then evaluate how they fit within the mission of my agency. My biggest specific outcome was gaining confidence and identifying actions to begin my long-held dream of pursuing a PhD -- both to expand my current knowledge and skills, and to lay the groundwork for transitioning to a university professorship when I eventually retire from the Senior Executive Service.”
    -- Director, National Center, U.S. Government

"Faith helped me to examine assumptions, reconsider priorities in work and in life and to think long range. I learned that I see things in black and white. I have strengthened my empathy and ability to put myself in others' shoes. I've become more aware of what is going on around me and become less judgmental. She asks pertinent questions and gently points out alternatives. Faith's coaching was excellent throughout."
    -- Director, Global Learning

Faith asks probing questions that provoke deeper thinking and self-exploration. She is honest and says the difficult things that need to be said out loud. She encourages future thinking and facilitates breaking from the past and getting beyond old ineffectual habits. She has a very gentle style that creates a safe environment in which to do serious self-evaluation. Our one-on-one explorations helped me to integrate concepts that I have learned in class settings and to apply them to myself.”
Director, Operations & Management

"My work with Faith helped me decide what to do with a program that I created and which I was having difficulty shifting to the next stage. I found it easier to sort out my own thoughts and become stronger and more confident. Faith gained my complete trust when she said that she wouldn't give up on me when I was struggling with opening up. She has insightful skills and great intuition, often picking up on things that I couldn't name or figure out, but that proved incredibly useful. Faith is a wonderful coach."
     -- Vice President, Human Resources

ADHD Coaching for Professionals & Grad Students

"ADHD coaching with Faith was extremely useful. I found a part-time job AND later, got a raise, because I felt strong enough to tell my supervisor what I felt I deserved and why. I’ve got a bedtime buddy and a YMCA buddy to help me stay on track. I remember to notice and write down what I HAVE accomplished, rather than just noticing what isn't done. Faith's direct, nonjudgmental questions combined with a very compassionate approach helped me really think through the nitty-gritty. For example, learning how to anticipate gaps in my thinking and planning was really helpful -- how I should plan, trying to anticipate where I might get stuck, breaking things down into do-able parts. I have become more compassionate and realistic about myself, and notice when I am paralyzed by seeing my faults. I am happier in general and more confident that I can set goals and reach them. Also, now I have strategies for calming myself, such as techniques of breathing and checking my current state."
    -- Web designer and music teacher

"Faith was a lifesaver for me. I found myself 15 years into my professional career and diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety. I needed help and I needed it fast. I found Faith's contact information online and placed a call. She responded to my call immediately; I found myself in her home office a few days later. We developed a strong rapport quickly. She was just what I needed. She provided a caring environment with just enough tough love. Over the next few months we tackled a number of issues and the positive impact was immediately felt by me, my loved ones, and my co-workers. I have overcome a lot since my diagnosis and have Faith to thank for a good part of it. I cannot recommend her enough."
-- Manager, Financial Analysis Division

"ADHD coaching with Faith greatly reduced my anxiety and reactivity. I have gotten clearer about choices I need to make at home and at work, for myself and my children. Faith is empathetic, accommodating and flexible (but not a pushover!). She creates a great sense of comfort and safety. I feel peaceful and calm when I enter her studio.”
-- Accountant

"The most valuable aspect of coaching with Faith was getting into a regular rhythm that I can use in years to come. It has helped me be more prepared and focused. I learned the importance of staying on top of the little things in life to yield a better chance for success. I strengthened my accountability by a large margin. I am better when it comes to deadlines and I am a happier person due to feeling prepared for anything that I come across. If something is not working, I am ready to adapt and adjust accordingly. Faith is understanding, caring, and asked questions to help me solve my own problems."
-- College Sophomore

"Faith’s compassion, empathy, support and courage have been so meaningful to me. I really do not know how I would have made it through these past 7 months without our conversations. Every time we talked about my ADHD, I learned more about the impact it is having on my life. Among the things I have learned are:
 -- To notice my black-and-white thinking
 -- To acknowledge that perfection is not necessary
 -- To listen to what my body is trying to tell me and take the time to GROUND myself
 -- That if I am clear inside about what I want, I can communicate more effectively and people will hear me better."
-- Entrepreneur, IT & Human Resources

"Faith is both well-educated and gifted in her field. After years of receiving extensive speech, physical, and occupational therapies for a mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI), I was still struggling to make sense of how differently my mind works and how to explain the "new me" to family and close friends. Faith was the one practitioner who was able to identify and help me understand my lingering executive function, communication, distraction and other ADHD-type challenges. Our coaching together was a critical component in helping me shift in the right direction, and in pointing me to other resources to receive the therapy I needed to continue my recovery.”
    -- IT Senior Partner, GIS & GPS

"My thinking and confidence overall have gotten better, thanks to ADHD coaching with Faith. I realize that I need to have a plan and that figuring things out is a trial-and-error process. I am more organized and better at getting things done. I trust myself more. I realize that I really do have the answers, if I just listen to myself and act on that. I liked our stress relief work on “rooting like a tree."
    -- Dental Assistant

"The combination of ADHD coaching and craniosacral therapy with Faith has really helped me to calm down, learn how to center myself and to think things through, instead of automatically reverting to old patterns. This gives me much more freedom than my former tendency towards black-and-white thinking. I didn’t realize how often I was incredibly stressed. Now I understand myself better, including being much more aware of how my ADHD affects me and how to work with it. My job performance and comfort in my job are much higher. When my new exercise approach that was lots of fun for several months started to get frustrating and boring, I figured out how to renew my enjoyment instead of dropping it, as I would have done in the past. Driving no longer makes me as crazy as it used to. I am able to see things differently, calm myself, and choose different paths and options."
    -- Attorney

Mentor Coaching

"Mentoring conversations with Faith helped me to fine-tune my thinking as a coach and my coaching choices. My agenda setting has been strengthened; I learned different ways of framing information for clients; heard new ways of talking about what coaching is; and learned about myself from a different perspective while improving my ability to hold different perspectives. I left feeling more attentive to details and attuned to the nuances of the ICF Core Competencies. Faith has an unwavering stance as a coach. She was able to move adeptly to address my shifting needs and dedicated to helping me get the most out of the time we had. I felt supported, and in particular enjoyed the humor she brought to our conversations."
    -- Leadership coach

"Mentoring with Faith built greater confidence in my coaching. I have become stronger in the core competencies of Creating Awareness and Direct Communication through my ability to establish trust in a coaching relationship more confidently, to create greater awareness for my clients by being curious, and to notice patterns that may be part of a client’s story. I learned to help the client set the stage for each session and how to gently but directly enable a client to articulate a bottom line. I felt a connection with Faith easily and quickly, which allowed for vulnerability. She is insightful about best practices and was challenging at the right places. The give and take of our conversations, the role play opportunities, and the sense that I was building something from each session helped me to create a better foundation for my coaching."
    -- Executive coach

"I went into mentoring to become a better coach, and Faith reminded me of what a coach does very effectively. We dealt with my dilemma of being a social worker and a coach; I now know better the stance I can take as a coach, with greater understanding of coaching principles and structure. I saw how I need to be relaxed to help my clients be more relaxed. I love increasing the curiosity aspect of coaching and have had fun with this. I’m better at asking questions that help my clients focus on the present and future, as well as helping my clients stay on topic so that there can be more in-depth learning. Overall, I have more self-confidence as a coach and in trusting my intuition."
    -- ADHD Coach & Social Worker

"The most valuable aspect of Faith mentoring me about my recorded coaching sessions was her being very willing to share her personal experience; speaking to someone who has been through all this. With Faith’s guidance, I headed in different directions that I hadn’t considered before. And she guided me about ways to avoid going in a therapy direction. Faith’s strength is the detail and thoroughness of her feedback. She put a lot of thought into it, it’s all wrapped up. She has had so much experience, she has so much to share."
    -- Recent coach training graduate

"I was lucky to have Faith as my mentor at the right time in my coaching journey. I had moved continents and even though the tenets of coaching are the same globally, I was struggling. Learning to let go of being attached to my client’s success relieved a lot of pressure! Overall, I am not as hard on myself as I used to be, and I am better at balancing my desire to accommodate my client with my own needs as a coach. It was easy to connect with Faith. I liked that she challenged me to stretch beyond my comfort zone, while being reachable and caring. Faith’s strengths include: her candor, coupled with a genuine interest in my progress and success; her intent listening and ability to paraphrase; and her generosity and willingness to share her wealth of experience."
    -- Executive & Life Coach

Healing Services

The most valuable aspect of working with Faith was gaining awareness of the process, mechanics and underlying factors in the history of migraines I've experienced for over 40 years. As a measurable improvement, the migraines have lessened in frequency. Qualities I’ve strengthened include: self-awareness, ability to ask for help, and being more able to accept and allow things to be what they are (including discomfort/pain when it happens with a migraine). I have learned how to ground myself and how to notice when I’m not grounded or when I need rest/movement/attention. I have deepened a connection with all the parts of “me” and experienced a profound sense of relaxation. Faith communicates a great deal of compassion and positive regard, as well as a delightful sense of wonder and playfulness. She has a remarkable ability to track the words as well as the desires and intention of the client, while intuitively sensing what is being communicated. She also has a natural ability to center her own energy and allow the process to unfold.”
    -- Executive Coach

“Faith gave me a lot of help with stress management. My stress levels went down, my mood improved, and I feel much calmer and more relaxed. I learned that I can change, that nothing is fixed. I have become a better wife, mother, teacher and person in general. Faith has many strengths. Just a few are: focus, calming presence, non-intrusive touch, empathy and uncanny ability to locate the ‘need.’”
    -- Elementary School Teacher

"I have had severe asthma since I was a small girl. Faith has given me a lot of help in several ways. She taught me breathing practices that I can use to calm down and to reduce the severity of my asthma attacks. I have learned to notice more quickly when I am feeling the types of stress and depression that can aggravate my condition. Once I notice, I now have techniques I can use to “change the channel” of my thinking so that I become calmer and less likely to get sick. Even my husband has benefited. I shared with him what I learned and now he also uses the techniques I learned from Faith."
    -- Restaurant Owner

"Faith helped me change my outlook, come to peace with myself and discover a new joy in living life to the full.  She has an incredible ability to help you realize your true potential.  Her coaching, yoga and overall expertise in stress management are wonderful."
    -- Development Director, Entertainment & Video Game Industry

"Since I began doing yoga with Faith, I have seen so many positive changes. For one thing, my balance is significantly improved, which was particularly noticeable on a hiking trip I took recently. I feel calmer and more in control, and more at ease in my relationships with others. Faith is warm, practiced and highly capable, and I believe she could get great results with just about anyone.”
    -- Vice President, Marketing

I have had a chronic illness for nearly 25 years. After about ten sessions of bodywork and coaching, I began to notice that I was having periodic feelings of well-being -- more at peace, more calm. I learned that I have this capacity for calmness and I am better able to enjoy life and pursue some of my interests/goals even though I have health issues. I have become more aware of my body and where I hold tension. I am also learning not to be so goal-oriented when undertaking a project; it is more enjoyable to begin and be open to what presents itself as the next step. My feelings of connection with nature seem to have deepened, become stronger. Faith is committed to the process. She is flexible and has good communication skills, sensitivity, gentleness. She sets a good example by taking time for herself and yet staying involved with all her other commitments.”
    -- Retired Accountant


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