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Helping children and infants to grow and develop in healthier, happier ways is a great privilege and responsibility that I take very seriously. It is also a great joy!

Children have more neuroplasticity (capacity of the brain for new learning and connections) than adults, their nervous systems have not been stressed for as long a time, and they are less ingrained in their habits, beliefs and behaviors. Consequently, there is great potential for wonderful, life-altering changes; and changes that help children feel and function better can improve life for their entire family and the widening circles beyond.

NeuroMovement offers help for children with a wide range of conditions, both diagnosed and nonspecific developmental issues. Children have an innate drive to learn and grow. NeuroMovement is designed to meet children where they are, and optimize the possibilities for their brain and nervous system to make use of the information communicated through gentle, subtle explorations of movement.  I highly recommend Anat Baniel's book, KIDS BEYOND LIMITS, for a terrific overview of how NeuroMovement can help children with special needs, and also how parents can apply the Nine Essentials in daily life with their children. Click here to read an article in about how Anat Baniel and Moshe Feldenkrais, her teacher, helped a young girl to heal from a serious congenital condition.

ADHD coaching gives adolescents with ADHD, and those who exhibit symptoms on the spectrum, an exciting opportunity to be active participants in their journey to function better in multiple realms. They will gain new understanding and appreciation of their special strengths and challenges, and their individual learning styles. Using this knowledge, they can explore how to make changes that enable them to operate more effectively and confidently. Some children will benefit from combining ADHD coaching with NeuroMovement. Also, NeuroMovement can set the stage for children who initially cannot focus well enough to do coaching.

Craniosacral therapy and/or yoga are additional options to reduce your child’s stress and build confidence. Craniosacral therapy, like NeuroMovement, is appropriate for all ages, including infants.

Coaching for parents can also be very beneficial -- here, too, we will incorporate coaching in ways that suit your needs and lifestyle. This coaching has two goals:

To improve your ability to support your child's development and to reduce his or her stress

To improve your ability to reduce and manage your own choices and reactions, to enhance your parenting and self-care, rather than inadvertently compounding whatever challenges your child -- and your family -- are experiencing

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