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The Anat Baniel Method

Experience NeuroMovement -- explorations of movement that help your brain and body to communicate in new ways.

What is NeuroMovement?

NeuroMovement, also known as the Anat Baniel Method,, offers a dynamic approach to communicating with the brain in new ways through carefully designed and executed movements that enhance your brain's "map" of your body and how it can move. 

The slow, gentle, varied movements we use can generate surprisingly big changes. It is about creating and expanding possibilities by engaging the nervous system with what is most available and building upon that, rather than focusing on what is most compromised. (As Anat Baniel likes to say, "If a person COULD do [fill in the blank], s/he WOULD do it!")

NeuroMovement is not only for people who have a specific challenge -- but where there is a challenge, including any sort of developmental problem, existing abilities are highlighted and strengthened. This supports the brain's capacity to expand this learning and extend it to areas that have not been readily amenable to improvement -- thus tapping into the increasingly well-recognized plasticity of our brains, no matter our condition or age.

NeuroMovement is structured around "Nine Essentials" -- nine principles that distinguish this process. It evolved from the pioneering learning-through-movement innovations of Moshe Feldenkrais,

More detailed information about NeuroMovement and its scientific underpinnings is available here.

What can NeuroMovement do for you?

NeuroMovement can be an adjunct or an alternative to medical treatment, as well as helping people who want to improve functioning in multiple realms:

Improve posture, balance and coordination


Recover function after an accident, injury or stroke


Reduce chronic or repetitive injuries

Boost executive functions (such as sustained, productive focus and better self-control)


Improve performance for athletes, musicians and dancers


Increase calm, emotional well-being and vitality

You can experience the benefits of NeuroMovement in two ways:


Private hands-on movement lessons while you lie on a massage table or sit on a chair, fully clothed (45-60 minutes).


Transformational Movement small group classes

Sign up for a public class (contact us for information)

Schedule a group lesson at your convenience

My personal story

I enrolled in NeuroMovement training after seeing extraordinary changes in myself through study with a local practitioner. I began taking NeuroMovement lessons in search of new ways to address some long-standing issues that had been improved but not resolved through years of dedicated practice of hatha yoga, weight training, lap swimming, walking and dancing.

I was intrigued by the subtlety and refinement of the NeuroMovement work. It somehow brought new intuition and insights:

I began to notice ways to improve my lap swimming, fairly regularly (and continuing to this day); for example, slightly altering a stroke, balancing my breathing as I turned my head to each side, making subtle shifts to my pacing.


After several months, I had an Ah-Hah! moment when I actually "saw" myself sitting in a somewhat awkward but habitual way and realized that this was probably contributing to chronic lower back discomfort. I am now almost entirely free of this problem.


My performance of improv comedy improved -- I am able to think and react more fluidly.


AND .... my vision improved significantly! This was a huge, very welcome surprise that occurred a few months into my NeuroMovement training. I had tried vision therapy and also yoga exercises for the eyes off and on for many years because my eyes have trouble focusing together. After one of our NeuroMovement training segments, I began to get headaches. I had a feeling that I should pull out my spare eyeglasses, which were six years old. Voila! My current eyeglasses had become too strong!



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