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Help your nervous system "recalibrate" to a calmer state through gentle bodywork that will deeply calm and relax you.

Light touch on a massage table, fully clothed except for shoes

Helpful for physical and emotional conditions related to the nervous system

Suitable for people of all ages

You can experience long-lasting benefits because the effects are cumulative


NEUROMOVEMENT (The Anat Baniel Method)

NeuroMovement, also known as the Anat Baniel Method, offers a dynamic approach to communicating with the brain in new ways through slow, gentle, varied movements that enhance your brain's "map" of your body and how it can move:

NeuroMovement is structured around "Nine Essentials" -- nine principles that distinguish this process. It evolved from the pioneering learning-through-movement innovations of Moshe Feldenkrais,

NeuroMovement can be an adjunct or an alternative to medical treatment, as well as helping people who want to improve functioning in multiple realms:

Improve posture, balance and coordination

Recover function after an accident, injury or stroke

Reduce chronic or repetitive injuries

Boost executive functions (such as sustained, productive focus and better self-control)

Improve performance for athletes, musicians and dancers

Increase calm, emotional well-being and vitality


Experience new ways to explore challenges of all sorts by working with your body, breath and beliefs from a holistic perspective.

Find extraordinary possibilities for transformation on all levels

Discover how to move through your daily life with more ease and less reactivity

Identify specific patterns of mind-body stress

Learn more effective ways to deal with physical pain, and painful thought patterns

Deepen your awareness of physical, mental and emotional issues that affect your mind-body connection



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