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The foundation of a successful coaching relationship is safety, respect and liking between client and coach.

To help you evaluate if we would be a good match, here are some things to consider: 

Have you reached a threshold where you are ready for change, or ready to get help arriving there?

Can you (or would you like to) envision our time together as an oasis for transformation in the midst of your challenging life?  

Would you be willing to consider yourself and your life from a perspective of friendly curiosity? 

Are you open to exploring who and how you want to be, as a way into new change?

Can you see (or imagine) change as an adventure?  Are you ready to put on your adventurer’s pith helmet?

Do you enjoy incorporating humor and laughter into exploration, however challenging?

If you are bringing your child – or coming with your partner -- are you willing to approach this as a partnership among the three of us? 

Do you care enough about the change you seek to make our appointments a priority?

You are always welcome to call or e-mail me to discuss questions or concerns.  I’ll gladly help you to get the necessary clarity to make a good decision.


Contact us:
Faith Halter, Insightful Transitions
Tel. 703-358-9489