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Help your nervous system "recalibrate" to a calmer state:

Experience gentle bodywork that will deeply calm and relax you
-- Light touch on a massage table, fully clothed except for shoes

This bodywork is based on a 700-hour training program (a private apprenticeship with renowned teacher Michael Shea) that emphasizes:
-- Anatomy and physiology of the nervous system
-- Embryology
-- Patterns of stress in early emotional development

It is helpful for physical and emotional conditions related to the nervous system

It is suitable for people of all ages

You can experience long-lasting benefits because the effects are cumulative



Experience new ways to explore challenges of all sorts by working with your body, breath and beliefs from a holistic perspective. 

Find extraordinary possibilities for transformation on all levels

Discover how to move through your daily life with more ease and less reactivity

Identify specific patterns of mind-body stress

Learn more effective ways to deal with physical pain, and painful thought patterns

Deepen your awareness of physical, mental and emotional issues that affect your mind-body connection



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Tel. 703-358-9489